"Brian is the guy that wouldn't come out to play as a kid because he was playing through Metroid again to get the special ending. But it turns out that kid grew up to be one of the funniest joke tellers on the Internet." -- Playboy

Brian Gaar is a comedian and TV host based in Austin, Texas.

His hour-long standup special Jokes I Wrote At Work is available now on Hulu and he hosts the daily comedy show ATX Uncensored(ish) on The CW Austin.

Brian can be heard on the Raw Dog comedy channel on SiriusXM and he was named one of the funniest people on Twitter by Playboy and Paste magazines. His jokes have appeared on The Ellen DeGeneres Show, Funny or Die, Esquire, CBS News, Playboy, Salon and the Huffington Post. Brian performs standup all over the country and has performed at South By Southwest Comedy, the Moontower Comedy Festival, Out Of Bounds and the NC Comedy Arts Festival.


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